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Why Concrete Custom Homes?

Why Custom Concrete Homes?
Today concrete is being more widely used, providing a stronger and much superior building material. However, many factors have caused construction costs to escalate, causing standard American wood-frame housing to be less affordable over time. Sixty-five percent of families today are renting why? Many elderly homeowners are being forced to sell their homes because they cannot afford the high energy bills, maintenance, and other rising costs (taxes). The concept of affordable housing has become an elusive dream for many.

The true definition of affordable housing has to consider value vs. investment based on benefits/savings for all concerned over time. Conventional housing (wood framing) has offered few if any returns on their investments and has detrimental consequences upon our health, wellbeing, and negative environmental effects as well. Concrete buildings and in particular - homes -offer true investment returns, outstanding protection against natural disasters, and may even improve health conditions. Your new concrete home could be the most comfortable and safest home you have ever owned. Here are more reasons why:

Cost effective.
With the solid construction, low maintenance and energy-efficiency of a concrete structure, more of your assets stay in savings instead of being paid out to support a deteriorating and inefficient wood-frame home. Over the years, a 2,400 square-foot concrete home can practically pay for itself in assets saved; that is not possible with wood-frame buildings.

Lower heating and cooling bills.
Imagine reducing your electric bill by at least half what you are paying today. A Conrads Castles concrete home can make this a reality.

Inside a Conrads Castle, you notice the temperature and air quality remain more consistent than a wood home, due to the 10¡± thick concrete exterior walls creating a thermal mass much like the adobe homes of the southwestern U.S. This also means a more airtight home. No more cold drafts, less allergens, and a lot less cleaning!

Low maintenance.
With poured-in-place concrete walls, there are no worries about rotting wood, termites, or settling problems that can cause a lot of interior damage. This means you have fewer headaches, more money, and more enjoyable weekends!

Strength and safety for your family.
Because of the concrete structure, these homes survive fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and even earthquakes. What more could you want for your family? This also means cheaper homeowners insurance.

Peace and quiet. 
You won't believe how little outside noise you will hear in a concrete home! Noise from traffic or the neighbors barking dogs is practically gone.


Who should consider a custom concrete home?

  • people concerned about wise energy use,
  • those concerned about saving money to pay for their kids educations,
  • people considering future retirement from the standpoint of investment,
  • those who want to provide MORE for their families, including future security,
  • those who are concerned about wise use of financial resources,
  • anyone concerned about catastrophes such as tornados, lightning strikes, fires, floods, and hurricanes.

Just about everyone, including YOU!

Where can a Conrads Castles concrete home be built?
Almost anywhere, the only restriction being that the structure must rest on undisturbed soil and cannot be built on fill material. Check your local building codes and neighborhood or property owners¡¯ association restrictions. Chances are that there are no restrictions against concrete homes.

What about bugs?
While we can't guarantee that you won't have any bugs, you'll have no worries about infestation, especially when it comes to wood-eating pests such as termites and carpenter ants. How many insects can you think of that eat concrete or can get through a concrete wall?

How do you run the electrical wiring through the concrete walls?
Everything is run through conduit set in the concrete walls, which is predetermined when we design your custom concrete home.



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